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A Better Solution for
Billing with Coupons

Sample Coupon

Sample payment coupon shows itemized assessments

  • The first page of the coupon book contains the homeowner's name and property location.

  • Coupon books may be mailed to the homeowner at an address that is different from the property location.  Homeowners can specify a different address online.

  • Payment amounts may vary by unit.  This feature supports associations that assess by square footage or other criterion and entails no additional charge.

  • Payment amounts may optionally be itemized as shown in the sample coupon (there are three separate items).  For special assessments an amount may be included that only appears for a specified number of months.  Again there is no additional charge.

  • Mailing coupon books to homeowners (with postage) is included as part of our excellent service.

  • Each coupon contains a bar code to assure 100% error free processing of payments.

  • One full page at the beginning of the coupon book may be used to convey your message to the homeowners.  Use this to convey meeting schedules, event calendars, summarize rules or for any other purpose.

  • The coupon book shows the homeowner how to go online.  Homeowners may go online to make payments, review payment history, set up automatic payments and change the mailing address for future coupon books.

  • You may specify late charges as a fixed amount or as a percentage of the amount due subject to a specified minimum and maximum.

  • Peel and stick mailing labels containing the address of our payment processing center are included at the back of the coupon book.  This provides a significant convenience for homeowners and prevents addressing errors.

    The "Mail To" address contains the address of our payment processing center where we promptly process the payment and deposit the homeowner's check into your association's checking account.  You may optionally specify your association's office address or the address of a management company.  You or your management company would then be responsible for posting the payments online and making the deposits.

    Our complete accounts receivable management and coupon billing service allows you to spend less time dealing with dues and assessments and also helps you to control your management costs.  Contact us now for more information or to get started.

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